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 B.J. Hunter moved to Florida in her early teens and has lived there ever since, enjoying the mild weather and abundance of wildlife.   She even spent several hurricane seasons raising orphan squirrels.   She graduated from the University of Central Florida and has spent her working career in the legal profession.  Her first novel was inspired by her daughter, as well as her need to escape from the real world once in a while.    

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Jenna, a girl magically transformed into a powerful white wolf, embarks on a fast-paced journey to try and save Ituria, the ruler of middle forest, who is being tracked by hunters as well as a renegade wolf.    During her journey, Jenna learns to take charge of rapidly changing situations in order to protect those weaker than her, while encountering a variety of characters, including a powerful dragon.    Jenna also learns to think on her feet, using her human knowledge to trick the hunters into leaving the forest.   She realizes that caring for the well-being of others is most important, even if it means she could end up losing her own life.   

A fantasy adventure novel for middle grade readers.

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